Last Thursday Bike Night

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Last Thursday Bike Night

Phillips Ave Diner hosts a Last Thursday Bike Night in Sioux Falls on the last Thursday of every month. We visited last night and got to see some unique bikes that people are riding every day. From a knucklehead to a beemer with a sidecar to Indians first attempt at a revival to a beast of a bagger!

I really enjoyed seeing the old knucklehead there. In my opinion this was really the start of the Baggers that we love today. They were really the first bike that was built for and capable of traveling and great distance in comfort. Of course you could add bags to it to carry personal belongings (now we just fill them with speakers 😂).

Take a look at the Road King and the knucklehead. While one is obviously very customized there sure are a lot of similarities for a 60+ year difference between them! That's not to say that nothing has changed (it certainly has) but it's a testament to how cool and stylish the old Harley bikes really were. Yeah we stretch the bags and tanks and add fairings but under all of that lays that classic bike.

Be sure to check out our Original Beast Baggers shirt and show your support for us and the baggers that started it all!