About us

Who we are

Beast Baggers offers motorcyclists like us great looking, performance minded, custom parts.  Quality is of the utmost importance to us and we set a high bar for the parts we sell!  We design our parts to look great and function even better so whether you want to push your bike to the limit or just look fast sitting still we are your source! Our designs aim to simplify the build of your bike and will always be evolving to meet your desires.

Our Mission

We are passionate about motorcycles of any kind and feel and immense connection between the joy of owning and riding a motorcycle and living life.  Riding a motorcycle is an incredible experience and providing an amazing opportunity to express yourself.  That is why we want to provide you with new opportunities of building and customizing your riding experience and hope to make it even more enjoyable!  We will always strive to build on that principal in every product we design and build. We hope to connect with many of you that feel the same we do and hope that you will support us by our parts or apparel.

beast baggers custom motorcycle parts harley davidson

Joe Harrenstein, the owner of Beast Baggers, has a background in Automotive Engineering and has been in the Engineering field for 7+ years.  Combined with a passion for motorcycles and design we are sure to have some of the best parts available on the market!

Beast Baggers
5917 S Galway Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD